Copy and paste publishing

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Copy and paste publishing lets you generate content analytics from a published article in the Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) analytics dashboard, even if you are not publishing content directly from the platform.

Set up a draft publish destination feed

To create a draft publish destination:

  1. Go to your avatar (settings) > Integrations. The Integrations page displays.
  2. Open the Website, CMS & Feeds tab.
  3. Click + Add
  4. Select Choose a CMS > Feeds.
  5. Name the feed (for example, "[CLIENT] Copy/Paste Publishing Feed"). You should include the words Copy/Paste to know it is a draft feed. This closes the workflow and ensures you can get analytics.

Create a task

After setting up the draft publish destination, you need to create a task with an article created in the text editor; the article should at least have a title. Pick a workflow for the task with a Publish step, with the following actions: Set publish destinationSet publish date, and Publish/share. You must then complete the publish step for the pixel to work. See Manage tasks.


Publish (copy/paste)

Select the draft feed as the publish destination in the Publishing tab. You will then need to complete the task.

Paste the content or the tracking pixel into your CMS

After completing the task, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Download the content as a Word or PDF document by clicking the download icon. Select the following boxes in the window:
    • Labels
    • Custom Fields
    • SEO Meta Tags
    • Tracking Pixel
  • Go into the content tab within the task. Select the options menu (...) and select Generate HTML or Copy tracking pixel, which you can input at the bottom of an article. Afterward, copy the tracking pixel or the entire HTML coding and paste it onto your site.

To ensure complete content analytics, you need to add the JavaScript snippet (found on your settings page) to your website's header. It takes at least 24 hours for results to display in the Analytics module.

How to add the public URL back to the article in CMP

  1. Ensure that you added the tracking pixel to the end of the article text.
  2. Publish the article to your CMS.
  3. When the article is live in the CMS, copy the public-facing URL, return to CMP, and access the task where you published it to the draft feed.
  4. At the bottom of the article, in the Content tab, select Add Public URL and paste the URL.  This also ensures that any social posts contained within the task are sent on schedule.