Publish to Marketo

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After you authenticate your Marketo account, you can publish Content Marketing Platform (CMP) content directly to Marketo.

Set up a Marketo template

Content publishes to Marketo as a snippet. You can make a Marketo newsletter from a single or multiple snippets. To set up a template, create a dynamic and reusable block of code that powers the snippets. The dynamic sections automatically insert your article's content as the Image, Headline, Blurb, and CTA

After integrating your account into the Marketo account settings, you will have the following configuration sections:

  • UTM Parameters – Set up parameters on a campaign level


  • Snippets –  Setup snippet template code


To set up a snippet template:

  1. Click Create Blank Template. A form with a blank template field displays.
  2. Enter a name for your snippet.
  3. Enter information about the template tags.
  4. Click Save. Your template displays under the Marketo settings page.


  5. After you create a template, include the mktEditable class to the table tag when you copy and paste your existing HTML code into the template field in CMP. The table tag will look similar to this:



Make templates dynamic

If you already have the headline, image, blurb, and CTA hardcoded, you can swap them out for variables. 


Highlight the Headline copy, then click the $(headline) link on the right side; that will replace the headline with the variable. Repeat the same procedure for the blurb, image URL, and click-through URL. 

Publishing to Marketo from the CMP

  1. Go to the Publishing tab in the CMP task page and open Add channel to search for your Marketo sharing options.


    The Marketo fields display.


    • Folder –  Folders organize snippets. By default, everything is sent to the main folder. You can create a folder in the CMP.
    • Template – Select the template to use.
    • Headline – Set your headline, edit the blurb, insert or edit the click-through URL, and edit or update the image if you need to customize it for the newsletter.
  2. Click Schedule to determine when to publish the post. The preview of the post displays at the bottom of the Marketo widget.
  3. Click Complete to publish the post.

When published, this post displays as a snippet in your Marketo newsletter. After creating an email in Marketo, you can right-click and select Replace with Snippet, and pick out the snippet you just published from CMP.