Publish to WordPress

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Connect your WordPress account to the Content Marketing Platform (CMP). Integrating with WordPress lets teams do the following.

Configure workflows for publishing

To publish content to WordPress, you must have a workflow step that selects Set Publish Destination, Publish/Share, and  Set Publish Date options. 


Choosing a publishing destination

When you reach the step where you need to select the publishing destination, go to the Publishing tab on the task page and click Add Channel to select your WordPress destination from the menu.


The following widget displays. Select WordPress author, category, and tags, which sync with your WordPress instance.


  • Select Author – Displays authors defined in your WordPress instance. Select a writer to publish to WordPress with the proper attribution.
  • WordPress Tags – Displays the WordPress tags defined in your instance. You can append the tags for your article. 
  • WordPress Category – Displays your WordPress categories, which WordPress retrieves. If you have nested categories, you can create a category and optionally choose a parent category for the article.


Publish content

Publish as draft

Select Publish as Draft to publish an article from WordPress instead of the CMP. Deselect Publish as Draft to permit publishing from the CMP.



Publish live

To publish articles through the CMP, deselect Publish As Draft, click Save the widget, and then publish the article.

  • Click Edit Information to display the WordPress widget location for the permalink, publish date, WordPress tags, categories, and authors.
  • Select Move to Draft to move published posts to draft status.
  • Click View Published Post to display the published article in a browser tab. 



Go to Optimizer > Information, and the search engine optimization (SEO) section of WordPress publishing is in the text editor of the CMP. See also Optimize content for expanded information.

Publish or delete content as draft

Post a draft

Click Post a draft to push the article to the selected WordPress site as a draft, and generate a permalink.


Sync draft

Click Sync to WordPress to update the draft in WordPress. Changes that you make in CMP flow to WordPress.


View draft

Click View Draft to see an article that was published as a draft.

Delete draft

Click Delete Draft to delete the draft.

Preview your content

Click Preview to open a tab or window. 


Best practices

Publishing is dependent on the configuration of the task's workflow. The following tips describe how to create the most effective workflow for publishing to WordPress:

  • Select the Publish/Share checkbox only for the final step of a workflow. That way, nothing publishes before the final step, and the assignee to the last step can verify that the publishing configuration is correct.
  • If possible, select Set Publish Destination and Set Publish Date only for steps where an assignee wants to edit the publishing destination and date to avoid confusion for others editing different parts of the task.

Additional Tips

  • You do not need to select Publish As Draft when you publish an article. This prevents tasks from accidentally being published as a draft instead of being pushed live. Clicking Post Draft is sufficient to push a draft to WordPress.
  • To republish an article, open the option menu (...) and select Copy to create a task that is a copy of the published task. You can then publish the task.