Manage folders

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Organizing content is critical for facilitating discovery and maximizing utilization. Content Marketing Platform (CMP)'s digital asset manager, the library, lets you group and organize content into folders.

Create a folder

  1. Go to Library view and click Create Folder.
  2. Enter a folder name and click Create.
  3. Select the folder in the library and the details panel displays. You can edit the folder name.


Find folders

You can find folders using the search bar and by filtering on Folders


Move content to a folder

Click on the checkbox in the upper left corner of each thumbnail to select individual or groupings of assets, then click Move.


A dialog box displays where you can select the folder into which you want to move your items. You also can create a folder.


Access folder content

  1. Select a folder on the Library view to see details about it.
  2. Click View Folder in the folder preview panel to view the folder's contents. You also can double-click on the folder to access its contents directly.

Delete a folder

  1. Select a folder to display the details panel on the right. Open the option menu (...) and select Delete
  2. Click Delete in the confirmation message to permanently delete the folder. 

    For folders containing files, you must delete those items first before deleting the folders.