Related assets

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Related assets link assets together. 

Select related assets

Within the library, you can associate any asset you have access to any other asset to create groupings or bundles, like the same product or even different language variations of the same asset to make them easy to find and use right from the library. 

  1. Go to the library and select an asset.
  2. Open the Related Assets section.
  3. Select Add Assets > Library. (You can also upload content from your computer.)


  4. Select the assets you want to associate with the original asset and click Choose


    CMP associates the selected assets to your original asset and displays them in the Related Assets section


Find assets with a search

You can search the asset title using the search field.


Find assets with a filter

You can filter by file type (Images, Videos, Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, PDFs, and others).


Preview or remove a related asset

You can click the option menu (...) on any related asset to preview it, remove it as a related asset, or download it.

Preview or remove multiple related assets

You can also select multiple related assets to download or bulk-remove them as related assets.