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Collections let marketers select one or more pieces of content (such as existing brand assets available from across your library folders) and compile them in a single, brand-able webpage. You can generate a public URL — unique to that Collection — and easily with teams or external stakeholders for access to those materials.


You can view assets in a collection in Carousel, List, and Grid views.


Create a collection

When you go to Library view and select the Collections tab, existing collections are listed.

  1. To create a collection for your marketing campaign, click Add Collection.
  2. Enter the title of your collection and optional description.
  3. Click Save. The new collection is added to the list.


Edit a collection title or description

To edit a collection, select a collection to display it and hover over the title or description of the collection, and click the pencil icon.


Delete a collection

To delete a collection, in the Collections list, open the option menu (...) of a collection and select Delete.


Add assets to a collection

  1. Select a list.
  2. Click Add Asset.
  3. Select the assets you want to include in the collection. The ones you select appear in the right panel.


  4. Click Choose to add the assets to the collection.


Add a cover photo to the collection

  1. While in a collection, open the options menu (...) and select Add cover photo.
  2. The library appears where you can select a photo for your collection and click Choose. The photo is applied to your collection view. You can the Change cover photo or Remove cover photo from the options menu (...).


Download and remove assets from a collection

  1. In the Collections view, hover over an asset and open the options menu (...).
  2. You can select Download or Remove.


Grant, remove, or embed public access for a collection

  • To make a collection public, from the Collections page, click Generate Public Link under the collection title or from the options menu (...).

    Collections-12.png Collections-11.png

  • After a link is generated, you can share it with the other marketing associates so that they can view the collection. Click Copy Public Link under the title, or open the options menu (...) and select Public Link > Copy public link.

    Collections-10.png Collections-9.png

  • To embed the public collection, open the options menu (...) and select Public Link > Copy embed code.

    You can embed the code to the following places:

    • A published article
    • An intranet site
    • In Salesforce
    • In your website
  • To remove the public link, open the options menu (...) and select Public Link > Delete public link.

Sort assets in a collection

You can sort the assets in ascending or descending order according to their Last-Modified time, Title, Type, or Owner.