Manage campaign milestones

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You can group related tasks together into  milestones in a project or campaign to improve visibility of a project’s progression. If a milestone date shifts, corresponding work automatically updates. This is a great way to phase out different "waves" of work.

If you have permission to create events, you can create a campaign milestone. Milestones inherit campaign permissions (like events do).

Create campaign milestones

  1. Select Add (icon) > Milestone. A milestone form displays.


  2. Enter Title, Description (optional), Due Date, Color, and select a campaign for the milestone.


  3. Click Link Task to link tasks under this new milestone. The tasks listed will be inside the campaign selected.


    In the example, the task named Strategic Brief Development is linked under this milestone.


View milestone status

Milestone status is based on the number of tasks completed. For example, if there are four tasks linked under the milestone and two are completed, the milestone shows as 50% complete.

  • If the milestone does not have any linked tasks, the status is based on the due date.
  • If the due date is before today, the status reads: Not Started.
  • If the due date is today: In Progress.
  • If the due date is after today: Complete.


View milestones in campaigns

You can view task-to-milestone relationships in Plan > List view.


You can view a campaign milestone in Plan > Timeline view and color by milestone.


You can view a milestone in the task under the Plan > Related tab.


You can view milestones in Dashboard > Recently Viewed and in global search.


View milestones in tasks

You can view a milestone in the task under the Plan > Related tab.



Update milestone or task dates

When you update a milestone due date, you can update all step dates and due dates for linked tasks by the same number of business days. This also applies to any associated task dependencies. If you do not want to update the tasks, you can choose to keep the original due dates.


Task due dates can go past the milestone due date. You are notified when the dates are past the milestone due date to keep activities aligned.

Change the campaign of a milestone

You can change the milestone campaign by hovering over the campaign name on the top of the Milestone view and select Change Campaign. Changing the campaign unlinks associated tasks with the milestone to realign the milestone to the new campaign.


Move a milestone 

You can link tasks only under one milestone. To add another related activity, click Add Related and move the milestone by selecting a new milestone name.