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It can be challenging to effectively manage teams, resources, and budget when these shift and additional work arises. As marketers, you need to quickly reallocate resources and teams to different projects as deadlines shift, and priorities change.

The Resources view lets you manage resources and team bandwidth. Leaders will be able to allocate resources more effectively, as they will know who is assigned to what - leading to more productivity.

Enable resource management

To enable resource management for a particular workflow, go to your avatar > Workflows, select (or create) your desired workflow, and select Enable resource management.


Admins and creators have access to the Resources view. You can create new roles and grant them access by visiting the Roles tab in User Management.

Use the Planner view

The Planner view shows your team's planned work. The features in this view are as follows:

Planned vs. Available

View what each team member is working on, and how much of their time it is expected to take. Give any team member more tasks if they have any available hours left, or reassign work if they don't have enough available hours. You can identify opportunities to maximize productivity and output without causing burnout and maintain morale.


Availability Rate

Monitor and adjust your team's capacity by setting their availability from the drop-down at the top of the table. By increasing/decreasing this percentage, users are setting the team's bandwidth for any given period of time. As this changes, the task cards shift to show when a team member should begin working on a given task to complete it in time, considering their availability rate.


Default vs. Compact View

You can use the "Card Display" gear icon in the upper-right corner to toggle between the two views.

  • Default – Shows additional details such as step status, due date, and more.
  • Compact – Shows only the task name, and provides more details in a separate card that appears when users hover over the task's name.


Unallocated tray

View all unassigned work in the Unallocated tray to ensure work is accounted for. To assign it to a team member, simply drag-and-drop that card to the individual's row.


Drag and drop reassignment

Reassign work to another team member by simply dragging and dropping cards from one individual to another. Quickly manage work among their team and bandwidth changes and priorities shift, without missing deadlines.

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Track time

Make better use of your time to maximize output, maintain team morale, and ensure every team member is working on the highest priorities.

Log time

Log how much time (in 15 minute increments) their step took to complete. You can activate this by enabling time tracking at the workflow level. This way, teams can later access reports with information on the team's productivity and performance.



Planned vs. Actual

Compare how much time a step actually took to complete against what was originally planned in the Reports tab. By comparing Planned versus Actual columns, you can understand how much time was actually spent on any given task or step, identify bottlenecks, and better manage bandwidth.


Task/Step Breakdown

View a line-by-line breakdown of all steps/tasks assigned to an individual by expanding each individual user's row to monitor the specific activities that account for an individual’s bandwidth to ensure proper time allocation, and ensure proper work prioritization.


Logged By quick filter

Use this quick filter to display time logged by a selected user. You can compare individual workloads and evaluate any team member's efficiency compared to past projects.


Hour vs. Utilization %

This lets you measure resource bandwidth by total hours (Planned vs. Actual) or as a percentage of total utilization. You can determine how much of an individual’s time was allocated, and where it was utilized. You need to toggle between each measurement using the dial.


Download to CSV

You can share and analyze these data by exporting to .CSV file format. Click the download button in the upper-right corner of the view to immediately download the current view/selection.