Authenticate your sending domain

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When setting up your sending domain, you need to add specific DNS records to authenticate your domain and get the best deliverability possible for your emails.

Update your DNS information

  1. Go to Account Settings > Domains & IPs.
  2. Send the information to your DNS administrator or copy the fields for use in your DNS provider.
  3. To email them to your DNS administrator, select Email the full list of DNS records to a teammate, and enter the email address of your administrator.

GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and NameCheap add your brand domain and top-level domain to the end of these DNS records automatically. If you enter into the Host Name, it will turn that value to, resulting in a DNS error. Enter el.doc into the DNS record instead.

Once your administrator has updated the DNS records, return to the Domain & IPs screen and click Verify all DNS Records. The authentication usually takes 10-15 seconds. Once verified, the status for all the records should become green checkboxes.

If the entries do not verify, the DNS entries may still be propagating, which takes no longer than 30 minutes. If this period has not passed, please wait and try again. If you have issues with this step, please reach out to Support with questions.


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