Create your sender profile

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A sender profile ensures your from, reply-to and domain information is configured correctly for optimal email deliverability.

You are not able to complete this step until your DNS has been confirmed. If there is no domain drop-down in the Email input, then your DNS information has not been confirmed.

Configure your sender profile

  1. Go to Account Settings > Email Settings > Sender Profiles to see if you have a profile configured.
  2. If not, click Create New Profile.
  3. If you do not see a drop-down, or the drop-down has an exclamation mark for the Email field, that means you have not yet authenticated your domain for sending and need to do so. docs.png
  4. Create your Sender Profile Name, From:Name, From:Email, Reply-To:Name, Reply-To:Email for sending emails and click Save.

You can select the Sender Profile when creating a touchpoint with email content.