Design your preference center

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This guide helps you configure your preference center to collect the contact preferences of your customers.

Main preference center setup

Although you can have multiple preference centers, companies usually have one primary preference center. You should already have a preference center called Main that is configured correctly:

  1. Collect/change email address
  2. Manage subscriptions to the 'Newsletter' list
  3. Manage global opt-outs of all marketing

Find this preference center by going to Settings > Preference Centers.

Add your branding to the preference center

Drag and drop your logo to add your branding to the preference center.

You can customize the preference center more or update it later.

Publish your preference center

Publish the preference center once you have made your changes by choosing a subdomain below and clicking Publish. Publishing can take up to 15 minutes.

The subdomain will host the preference center. If you want it to be on your domain, review our documentation on custom preference center domains.