Confirm your sending domain

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When your account is created, you are given a default sending domain of for your marketing emails. This guide will walk you through how to confirm your domain, change it and add a new one, if it is in your package.

If you want your emails to come from, you are done with this step and can move on to authenticating your domain.

What is this domain for?

Your emails come from this domain, and you can have multiple sender profiles. For example, your promotional emails could come from and your behavioral could come from

Choosing a domain (optional)

If your company is, you will see under Account Settings > Domains & IPs a default domain setup as

Once your domain is selected, you need to add domain information to your DNS.

Why not use my root domain?

We do not recommend sending emails from in this example, because your deliverability would be tied to your root domain which could impact other parts of your business.

You also want to differentiate between types of emails. For example, you want your transactional emails to be received and not impacted by your marketing emails.

Should I change it?

If you do not have a branding or other reason to change it, the answer is likely no. We find some companies like to have the domain fit their brand more. If you are a tea company, you could choose to send from You should stay with this domain long-term because your deliverability (if it shows in the inbox or spam) is tied to it.

Changing your domain (optional)

To change your domain, you need to delete and add a new one. Please only do this if you have not sent any emails yet, or you have talked with support.

To delete your domain, click Delete Domain within the domain cart.Screen_Shot_2018-11-20_at_9.39.24_AM.png

Then add a new domain by clicking Create New Domain. Give it a new name and save to generate all of the records needed to add to your DNS.


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