Create an SMS confirmation

  • Updated
If you had access to campaigns prior to April 2023, Optimizely updated the tab name from Campaigns to Activation. All functionality remains the same.

When your shoppers opt-in for SMS communications from your brand, send a confirmation message that sets expectations for how often you will contact them, informs them about messaging rates, and provides opt-out instructions. 

Create a filter for new SMS opt-ins

Step 1: Create a new filter

  1. Click the three-dot icon next to Activation.
  2. Select Filters > Create New Filter.

Step 2: Configure filter

  1. Name your filter SMS Opt-in.
  2. Check Account for Visibility.
  3. Select Events for Feed.
  4. Set up your filter definition as follows:
    • Event Action = opt-in
    • Event Type = consent
    • Event Phone is not empty
  5. Save your filter.


Create confirmation message

Create a new behavioral campaign that sends your confirmation message every time a shopper opts-in for SMS. 

Step 1: Set up a new campaign

  1. Create a new behavioral campaign.
  2. Click Create From Scratch.
  3. Under Enrollment, select Customers that trigger an event.
  4. Select your newly created SMS Opt-in filter.

Step 2: Create your SMS 

  1. Add SMS as your first touchpoint
  2. Compose your SMS. Be sure to include:
    • Your brand name, so your shopper can quickly identify you.
    • Confirmation that your shopper is now opted-in. You can also include how frequently you plan to send text messages.
    • Your statement about messaging rates.
    • Opt-out instructions for the user.


Step 3: Preview 

  1. Click Preview to see what your SMS would look like to your target segment.
  2. Click on the preview screen to display the full message in the phone’s messaging app.