Dispatch and deliverability

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You can send messages (even high volumes of messages) immediately or use delayed dispatch. You can also split mailings and send different content to different target groups.

In addition, you can test every message before sending it. To do so, select a number of test addresses and lists, start separate tests for text, HTML, and multi-part messages, and simulate the messages’ dispatch to the different groups.

  • Sending speeds of up to 50 million emails per hour
  • Throttled dispatch (for example, for campaigns likely to drive a high level of traffic to your web shop). Throttled dispatch lets you control and manage follow-up traffic.
  • email can use international ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-2 or UTF8-compliant character sets
  • SMS message routing to 12 countries
      • SMS delivery using international GSM and UCS2 data coding

    The following features are optional. Contact customer support for more information.

    • Target group-based SMS delivery to specific regions using telephone dialing codes
    • SMS delivery with sender recognition using individual short codes (on request, exclusive code) or long codes
  • Delivery of print mailings throughout Germany delivered by Deutsche Post AG

Send time optimization

Customize the time your messages are sent. The send time optimization identifies when your recipients interact with their inbox, and sends your message when they are most attentive.

  • Available for Smart Campaigns
  • Available for A/B tests
  • Self-learning algorithm, continuously adapts to recipient behavior
  • Very flexible, virtually infinitely adjustable for up to 7 days
  • Analysis function evaluates individual dispatch times
  • Fallback time for new recipients for whom behavior data is not yet available

Deliverability management

Optimizely’s deliverability team monitors mail delivery and takes proactive action to ensure high sending rates. This includes collaborating with providers and organizations to develop optimal strategies for improving deliverability – regardless of the growing complexities of spam filters. See also Best practices for good deliverability.

    • Active deliverability management and monitoring
    • On-boarding deliverability – Optimizely's deliverability team performs an advance analysis of the requirements for ensuring the deliverability of your messages
    • Optimizely is a member of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA)
    • Provider relations and Optimizely server allowlisting ensure high delivery rates
    • Mails comply with formatting standards for email headers and HTML
    • Automatic steering of the optimal sending speed – ensuring that emails are accepted by providers
    • Automatic server switch in case of delivery problems to prevent email loss during sending
    • Blocklist monitoring – Optimizely's deliverability team constantly monitor the blocklists of major providers and takes immediate action if an Optimizely IP is accidentally listed there
    • 24/7 open and click rate monitoring and provider comparisons for messages

The following features are optional. Contact customer support for more information.

  • Progression analysis of open and click rates in your clients to identify and resolve deliverability issues
  • SSL certificate for your sending domain
  • Multiple sending domains for your use
  • Dedicated IP pool for your exclusive use