Omnichannel marketing

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Reach your customers on channels with flexible tools for successful omnichannel marketing – using a single provider.

  • Email campaigns
  • SMS campaigns
  • Print campaigns
  • Push campaigns
  • Multi-channel campaign automation
  • Separate blocklist management for each channel


Optimizely Campaign virtually sends your emails in real time. Optimizely Campaign also comes with deliverability management, which significantly increases deliverability rates.

Range of features

  • Sending speeds of up to 50 million emails per hour; more than 90% of emails delivered within the first minute.
  • Comes with email throttling to let you, for example, avoid unusually high traffic to your website and stagger customer visits for campaigns that are likely to attract a lot of interest (such as special offers, prize draws, or surveys)
  • Enhanced HTML layout for ensuring emails are correctly displayed in webmailers and email programs
  • Mobile Fusion provides responsive design for optimized display on mobile end devices
  • Auto generated text version
  • Auto generated online version
  • Landing pages
  • Can be personalized
  • Web forms for allowing recipients to register and recipient management
  • SWYN provides sharing mailing content on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Xing) and via email.


SMS provides seamless integration of messaging to reach your customers.

  • Supports GSM and UCS2 coding for international character sets
  • Capable of sending multi-part SMS (concatenated SMS)
  • Direct message routing to 12 countries
  • Standard number-based sender identification
  • Speed-dial number-based sender identification
  • Alphanumeric character-based sender identification
  • Can be personalized


Print supports direct mail print mailings. Increase your response rate by up to 50% with a combination of print mailings and emails in one-to-one dialog marketing campaigns. Trigger print mailings by a special offer or an event (such as following a purchase or a birthday). The printing process and the mail dispatch are handled by Deutsche Post, which is Germany’s leading dialog marketing service provider.

  • A4-size letters containing up to 3 pages, printed on one or both sides
  • A6-size postcards, DIN long, DIN long envelope, Maxi
  • Templates for print mailings for optimal print results and maximum ease of use – no previous experience required
  • Short production lead times
  • Automated pre-press workflow and dispatch
  • High-quality digital prints
  • Delivery options: Economy delivery
  • Delivery options: Express delivery
  • Can be personalized

Mobile Push

Mobile Push sends automated push messages and reaches every customer who has your app on their smart phone or tablet.

  • Available for Android and iOS
  • App-based opt-in methods
  • Can be personalized

Web Push

Web Push sends automated push messages and reaches your customers when they open a web browser.

  • Available for the most important web browsers
  • Can be personalized
  • Preview function