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Target groups

Successful dialog marketing: Target, attract, inform and engage your customer segments with custom content. Optimizely Campaign helps you define target groups to ensure that your mailing content and subject lines are relevant to every one of your recipients.

  • Recipient-based filter criteria, which can be based on any recipient list field
  • Action-based criteria, such as clicks, open, hard and soft bounces, and post clicks
  • Campaign-based criteria for linking several Marketing Automation campaigns
  • Use of operators: contains, starts with, ends with, equals
  • Use of mathematical operators for numeric fields
  • Use of time-based operators for date fields
  • Boolean operators (true or false)
  • Instant target group analyses
  • Ad-hoc target groups created from Live Analytics segments with a single click

Click profiles

Categorize your recipients’ clicking behavior with click profiles. Rule-based click profiles provide information about your campaign's performance, instead of complex individual mailing and campaign analyses.

  • Cross-campaign click profiles
  • Manually assign click profiles
  • Rule-based click profile assignments based on wildcards
  • Rule-based click profile assignments based on regular expressions