Campaign management

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Smart Campaigns

Smart Campaigns have a convenient front-end for one-shot campaigns. Navigation paths and click paths are optimized for maximum efficiency.

  • Create campaigns with drag and drop
  • A/B tests and automatic send function for the best performing message
  • Six criteria for selecting the best split
  • Allows campaigns to be worked on by several users simultaneously
  • Designed for creating email, print, SMS and push campaigns
  • Create campaigns from message templates
  • Reuse successful campaigns with a single click
  • Integrated pre-campaign recipient-path-analysis
  • Integrated post-campaign reporting
  • Select send dates and delayed delivery in line with A/B test results
  • Send messages to specific target groups or a limited number of recipients
  • Optimizely Campaign throttling

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation lets you automate frequently recurring customer dialogs, such as welcome and happy birthday messages, reactivation campaigns, abandoned cart emails, and much more. Marketing Automation event and date-triggered mailings increase conversion rates and let you analyze recipient flows and activities in real time. Marketing Automation furthermore comes with an automated feature for changing recipient data and moving or copying recipients to different recipient lists.

  • Create Marketing Automation campaigns with drag and drop
  • Omnichannel. Send out print, email, SMS, Web Push and Mobile Push messages to different end devices and target groups from a single Marketing Automation campaign
  • Create automatic lifecycle marketing campaigns
  • Send out activity and event-based mailings from a single campaign
  • Actively run multiple campaigns simultaneously
  • Link multiple campaigns, for example, by automatically assigning recipients from one campaign to another
  • Modify campaigns while active
  • Post-click-triggered campaigns
  • Integrated campaign recipient-management (updating, moving and copying recipients/recipient data)
  • Integrated campaign reporting for active campaigns – monitor the number of recipients who passed the individual campaign nodes at any time

Transactional mails

Transactional mails are triggered by recipient actions or events, such as an anniversary. Optimizely Campaign sends transactional mails using a high-performance API. Transactional mails can be activated in Marketing Automation or sent through the REST, SOAP or HTTP API.

  • Sent through Marketing Automation
  • Can be sent as print, email or SMS
  • Sent in real time using high-performance interfaces
  • Can be personalized
  • Can send personalized attachments (HTTP API only)

Opt-in processes

Opt-in processes lets you create and manage your opt-in mailings with Optimizely Campaign and make them reflect your corporate design. The integrated reporting feature lets you check the number of recipients who completed the registration process.

  • Creation and administration of multiple opt-in mailings in your Optimizely Campaign client
  • Sent in real time using the transaction API
  • Edit contents while the registration confirmation is active
  • Can be personalized