Recipient management

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Systematically collecting and analyzing customer data is key to running effective email and omnichannel campaigns. Optimizely Campaign comes with a number of options for processing different data sources and using these to boost your performance.

    • Easy-to-use list-based recipient management
    • Unlimited number of potential recipients
    • Unlimited number of recipient lists
    • Manual recipient import using standard CSV
    • Automatic duplicate identification during import
    • Automatic data validation during import (mandatory fields, correct email addresses and so on)
    • Download of duplicates and faulty datasets for reviewing and archiving purposes
    • Export complete and filtered recipient lists
    • Integrated subscription process based on double opt-in or confirmed opt-in emails
    • Tracking opt-out option that enables recipients to disable personal data tracking in accordance with statutory regulations. This does not impact anonymized campaign-specific data tracking.
    • Integrated unsubscribe request management in accordance with statutory regulations
    • Fully integrated unsubscribe links in mailing templates
    • Records subscriptions, opt-ins, and unsubscribe requests with IP and time stamp for your records
    • Recipient data enrichment with third-party system data, such as web analytics, CRM, e-commerce, recommendation engines, and other data sources using high-performance automated interfaces
    • Recipient history: Entire message history for each recipient in an easy-to-read format, including action data (opens and clicks)

The following features are optional. Contact customer support for more information.

  • Automatically import and export recipients using FTP protocol and standard CSV file
  • Recipient data encryption
  • Subscription form
  • Preference Center form
  • Delayed subscription confirmation emails
  • Separate recipient list data storage available on request
  • Development of an individual data management concept by Optimizely consultants


Recipients whose email addresses are on the blocklist are no longer sent any mails. This also applies if these recipients subscribe to emails again later, even if they do so multiple times.

  • Client-wide blocklist
  • Blocklist inheritable by sub-clients
  • Manually add recipients to the blocklist
  • Manually import blocked recipients from a CSV
  • Search the blocklist for datasets
  • Delete datasets from the blocklist
  • Use of wildcards to block entire domains or email addresses using key words
  • Global blocklist with email addresses that may not be contacted
  • Automatic feedback-loop recognition and addition to blocklist
  • Automatic external blocklist cross-checks via interfaces or linked databases

Responses and bounce management

Regardless of whether they are hard or soft bounces, or genuine replies, Optimizely Campaign automatically filters and processes responses by category.

  • Integrated response management with a display function for viewing responses or responses associated with a specific mailing
  • Automatic response analysis using more than 150 filter rules
  • Automatic hard bounce, soft bounce, autoresponder, genuine reply/other, suspected spam categorization
  • Create special categories using defined rules, for example, returned emails that contain the word order
  • On request, responses from selected categories can be forwarded to freely selectable email addresses
  • Content display and print function for responses or genuine replies
  • Integrated bounce management divided by hard and soft bounces
  • Recipients are disabled when reaching the specified bounce limit to protect the reputation of your mailings
  • Individually adjustable bounce limits for hard and soft bounces
  • Bounce statistics for email and SMS
  • On request, you can automatically export bounces using FTP protocol and standard CSV file