Analysis tools

  • Updated

Performance Dashboard (Beta)

The Performance Dashboard lets you display KPIs using charts for visually appealing presentations of your mailing activities.

  • Various charts available: KPI chart, basic chart and bubble chart
  • Time-based and mailing-based analysis
  • Individually customizable

Deep Analytics

Deep Analytics provide in-depth and highly detailed mail-based reports about your campaigns’ success to effectively targeting your recipients and further develop your omnichannel marketing.

  • User-friendly report builder with graphical interface
  • Create reports with drag and drop
  • Choose from up to 28 analysis measures
  • 13 groupings
  • Predefined basic reports for campaign and progression-based analyses
  • Automatic raw data analyses for reports based on high-performance database algorithms
  • Post-click analyses with external web analytics tools
  • Global report parameters based on clients, time intervals, target groups, mailings and mailing types
  • Choose from different diagrams (bar charts, line charts, regional and pie charts)
  • Aggregation of comprehensive reports in pivot tables
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Configurable report templates in your corporate design
  • Automatic report generation and distribution by email

Live Analytics

Live Analytics lets you generate recipient-based reports and create real-time RFM analyses to boost your campaigns’ profitability and return on investment (ROI).

  • Analyze data by recipient lists, list fields, and target groups
  • Edit analysis fields in real time in the detail view
  • RFM analyses for boosting your sales
  • Graphical representations and segment
  • Funnel analysis segments of a diagram with a single click
  • Create target groups with a single click

Deliverability preview

The deliverability preview lets you check your mailing before dispatch, whether the contents are displayed correctly and whether your mailing has been classified as spam by the most common email providers.

  • Preview how the graphics and fonts in your mailing are displayed by the most common email providers and browsers
  • Check spam suspicion with the most common email providers

Post-click tracking

Post-click tracking lets you analyze actions by email recipients on your website, like clicks on products or canceling of orders. Use Deep Analytics to analyze and display the generated data.

  • Filter by date or time range
  • Import mailing-independent customer actions
  • Integrate external web analytics software

Visual link analysis

Visual link analysis instantly shows the number of times the links in a mailing were clicked. The analysis is performed directly inside the mailing itself, which means that you can see whether links in particular locations are clicked more or less frequently.

Attention analysis

Attention analysis let you assess the impact of your mailings, templates, and landing pages’ layout on viewers. Based on eye-tracking, this tool graphically represents analysis results which indicate if the most crucial elements of your mailing (logo, offer price and period, call-to-action) are located to effectively attract the viewer’s attention.

  • Perception map analyzes which features of a mail a viewer focuses on first
  • Attention map for analyzing which elements in your mail attract the most attention
  • Visual attention prediction for predicting the order in which mailing elements attract attention
  • Analysis of draft layouts of existing mailings or screen shots means layouts can be optimized during the design phase

Activity overview

Activity overview shows mailings for a defined period in a single, clearly laid-out screen. This lets you obtain information relevant for evaluating your marketing activities, such as which customer dialogs you have sent, are currently sending, and are about to send.

  • Evaluate multiple clients at once
  • Filter by mailing types, media types (marketing channels) and mailing status
  • Transactional mails and registration confirmations are supported