Content management

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Our intuitive content management system (CMS) lets you create appealing, ready-to-send mails in no time. The modular design makes it easy to insert text and images. You can preview content on different devices (email, web, mobile) while editing. The content management system also can be used to define personalized and group-specific content.

    • WYSIWYG editor
    • Source text editing
    • Import mailings as zip archives
    • Automatic text version generator
    • Creating, managing, and changing landing pages
    • Content reports for link validation
    • Automatic link extensions for click tracking
    • Manage HTML, text, and mobile link tracking
    • Personalized and target group-specific subject lines
    • Automatically creates online version
    • Attachments

The following features are optional. Contact customer support for more information.

  • Sending images with offline HTML
  • Personalized attachments (only when used with transactional messages and the HTTP API)

Template Kit

Template kit lets you define the layout and appearance of the elements in your message, to which you can copy or move content blocks via drag and drop. The basic message elements (such as, sender information) are predefined to create new messages and make them less error-prone.

    • Predefined pre-header, header, body and footer sections
    • Grouping paragraphs for creating flexible layouts (1- or 2-column)
    • Paragraph types for essential applications
    • Target groups and click profiles for use at paragraph level
    • Nine fonts to choose from
    • RSS feed integration
    • Content interface
    • Adding links to social networks (SWYN)
    • Mobile Fusion for responsive web design – to ensure that your mailings are optimally displayed on mobile devices, with a preview function for conventional device formats
    • Separately editing HTML, text, and mobile mail versions
    • Click2Go is a button generator for adding buttons or call-to-action elements in a design-consistent layout, conveniently and directly to your template
    • Easy edit – split-screen view for previewing the mailing
    • Inline editing – editing texts directly in the mailing preview
    • Easy Copy lets you copy and paste individual elements from other mailings or clients

The following features are optional. Contact customer support for more information.

  • Installing additional standard web fonts
  • Custom fonts – installing user-defined fonts

Custom mailing content templates

Custom content templates are set up by customer support on request. Custom templates are based on your corporate design and style guide and ensure that your newsletters appear exactly as intended on recipient devices.

  • Template with your corporate design
  • Template modules designed in line with your design specifications
  • Layout and design principles based on your style guide
  • Available features in the Template Kit can be integrated into individual templates

Coupon system

Coupon system lets you reward mailing recipients with promo coupons. Adding a machine-readable bar code or QR code to your mailings will allow your customers to redeem coupons at their local store.

  • Uploading static coupon blocks – if you want to define the structure of individual codes and number of codes per block
  • Dynamically generated coupon blocks – if you want Optimizely Campaign to automatically generate a new, unique coupon code for every email
  • Bar code blocks with editable layouts (width, height, line weight) based on EAN 13
  • Creating QR codes
  • Static block thresholds for triggering mails
  • Deleting unused codes from static blocks
  • Downloading coupon code assignments

Countdown timers

Countdown Timers display the days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining to when your offer ends to increase the attention of your recipients and conversion rate.

  • Supports static and animated countdown timers
  • Editor for designing, editing, and managing countdown timers
  • Field function for mailing integration