List view planning

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The List view in the Plan module shows a hierarchal view of parent campaigns, sub-campaigns, tasks and events in a table to provide context, regardless of the filters or search. Marketers never lose sight of the parent campaign that each activity rolls into, and how these align with the overall strategy.

Show campaign hierarchy

The List view shows the following columns: Title, Type, Reference, Owner, Start Date, End/Due Date, Status and Parent Campaign. You can change the columns in your table to customize the table.

The Title column shows the parent campaign, sub-campaign, tasks and events in hierarchical order. Click the arrow to see a list of sub-campaigns, tasks or events that are under the parent campaign. The number bubble next to the each title indicates how many sub-campaigns, tasks or events are nested under the hierarchy.


To see a flat view of the campaign hierarchy, deselect Show Campaign Hierarchy as show in the following image; Events is in the filter panel to show only events.


To edit items in the table, hover over the right side of the title and click Edit (pencil icon). You can edit fields such as text, labels, dates, and more. However, you cannot edit image and video field types in-line.

Customize your list view

Add your plan

You can create and edit campaigns, sub-campaigns, tasks and events directly from the list view. Click + in the header cell of the Title column. If you add a task or event outside of a campaign, the platform places the task or event in the last campaign you visited by (that you had edit access to) by default, which streamlines the campaign planning, creation, and execution process.


You also can create child campaigns, tasks or events under an existing campaign by hovering over a title and clicking + that appears beside the campaign title.


Add, remove, reorder columns

To customize your view, click Columns (gear icon). You can click a column name to show or hide that column, and drag and drop to order the columns.


Sort columns

Click the sort icon in the column titles to sort columns (ascending or descending order).

Delete a campaign, task or event

To delete a campaign, task and events, open the option menu (...) and select Delete.

If you delete a campaign, you also delete the campaign's nested activities (such as sub-campaigns, tasks, and events).


You can search by title or reference number.

Inline edit

If you have permissions, you can change the campaign owner from the List view.


You can change the Start and End/Due date of the respective campaigns, tasks, and events. Forward and backwards scheduling applies and prompts you to select one date or move all dates in a task.


You cannot change the start and end date of a task that was already completed.

You can edit the labels of each activity, (if you have permissions). Labeling helps marketers establish proper governance of their brand.

To rename, edit, copy, hide, or delete the contents of a cell, open the options menu (...) by hovering over the cell, then select the action you want.

Managing saved views and filters

You can find, view and manage your work with filters. For example, in the List tab, users can drill into just showing Campaign, Tasks or Events.


You can create views within the List view, and save the views for later use or let your team members use it, and you can use your colleagues saved views also.


Export your view

Open the List view options menu (...) and select Download as CSV to download a CSV file of your list view to share with external stakeholders, partners, or other team members that don't have access to your instance.