Custom preference center domain

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Use a custom domain to further personalize the branding that customers see when managing their subscriptions. Hosting a preference center on a custom domain has two requirements:

  • The ability to update the DNS records of your domain.
  • Access to one of the following emails to enable secure links:,,,, or 

Create a custom domain

Use the following steps to create a custom domain for a preference center: 

  1. Go to Account Settings > Preference Centers.
  2. Click the Edit icon on an existing preference center or create a new one by selecting New Preference Center. More on customizing the center is available here.
  3. Locate Customize your preference center URL.
  4. Click Select a domain > Create Custom Domain. For example, the domain could be
  5. Click Create.

Update CNAME records

You must update the CNAME records of the selected domain to redirect traffic to the correct URL. Use the values provided for TypeHostname, and Value to make this update in your DNS provider.


Send a domain verification email

Send an email containing a secure link to ensure ownership of the custom domain. Amazon Web Services (AWS) sends this email on behalf of Optimizely to all the addresses listed. Your team must click one of the links to confirm ownership before publishing the preference center.


Validate and verify records

Once you have updated your DNS records and clicked the domain verification email, check that everything has updated by clicking Domains & IPs > Verify all DNS Records. The authentication usually takes 10-15 seconds. Once verified, the status for the associated records should become green checkboxes.

Note: Although DNS/SSL changes typically take less than an hour to propagate, some can take up to 24 hours. The authentication process will fail if the propagation has not occurred. Retry the authentication at a later time if you are not successful but are confident that the configuration is correct.